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January 13, 2013
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::TAP:: Edrienne Soon by Hourglass34 ::TAP:: Edrienne Soon by Hourglass34
:iconblacksparklesplz: :icontheart-project: :iconblacksparklesplz:

I will confess, since this character is just being reused, I just copied most of his old information since it's not really needed, in my opinion, to go out of my way and type it all over again. If you do wish to see younger Edrienne. Just click this Link over here. It's not that important to see it though lmfao. Anyway, yes, if you do pay close enough attention. You'll notice something in the app. Something I think you'd want to see. Like there was a time when I showed a WIP of this guy and they were complaining about how his face couldn't be seen. So there. Have it. So you won't ask me what he looks like akjdskjfdg-.

And thank you so much for the invite, it means a lot to me hamg fdkjfjk <33 So I hope I didn't mess this application up. Ahaha;; I also will be editing this-- maybe. I have no idea what I was typing anymore actually since I'm just retyping this from an old application. I'll be fixing it again soon.


Edrienne Francis Soon






182 cm


March 12




Modeling // Beautician




- Manga / Anime
- His pet cat, Haircut
- Anything with Cinnamon
- Hair Styling
- Seeing other people be happy with their own good looks
- Violins
- French bread


- People touching his hair
- Awfully loud noises
- Coffee
- Seeing other people not take care of their looks [ Isn't this ironic. ]
- People talking about or asking about his mother
- Hair pins / Headbands / etc. Being used to keep his bangs away from his face.


Edrienne has always had a warm and caring heart for others. His problem sometimes though is directly helping people. He does do it occasionally, but at other times, he instead does it indirectly, not taking credit for anything, since he doesn't want human contact. The only time he does is when he does beautician-related things. Since, after all, if it's a problem with appearance, he'll help you out in no time flat. It's the only time he speaks up more.

Though he loves helping others look good and do their best in everything, he can't do it for himself. He thinks of himself negatively, and though he's happy for other people, it also affects him negatively, making him feel like he can't be as good as others or look as good as others. It takes a while for him to believe in himself to do things. The only thing he knows he can do without feeling such thing is when he gives haircuts or styles their hair, since he's very comfortable with it. It's one of his natures to keep silent in the middle of a conversation or do a weird habit of twiddling his thumbs behind his back.

He's a bit shy, so he'd probably stop those kind of things if someone was close to him. He might give off a gloomy aura, but actually, he's not. He's sweet under all the gloom. He just gives off this aura so people won't come close to him. That or he feels like no one goes near him because he's ugly, so the gloomy aura just comes out. Personality-wise, he may not be very capable looking, but he's a very fast learner, and adaptive too. As for the bangs on his face. He can be very shy and can become easily upset when people try to see the face under from his complex and mindset about himself.


Once Upon A Time, there was this family where the mother and father planned on having two children. The first was an athletic, handsome boy, and the other a beautiful nail stylist, a girl. They were so happy to have them, but what they didn't expect, was to have another child. A third child. He was a beautiful baby boy, pale skin, blue eyes, and black hair. And that was Edrienne. The father didn't mind having another, though the age gap was a bit far, but the mother was unhappy. When she set her mind on two children, she only wanted two children. She almost put the baby up for adoption, but fortunately, the rest of the family didn't allow it to happen. Dissatisfied, she never once called the boy her son. She would call him an ugly little monster, and that she never wanted him. At a young age, this made Edrienne have a mind set that he was ugly, and that he wasn't good enough to meet the standards of anyone.

As he grew up, the only love he ever felt was from his two siblings. They treasured him and never let him out of their sight. They would take turns taking care of him, the older Brother, Thomas, would take him to his track and field practices, while his sister would take him to the family beauty salon their dad owned, since the dad was a former famous hair stylist. Edrienne always looked up to his brother as a role model, as well as the sister, though he would make himself sad, knowing that his mother only loved them and not him.

As the years passed, his father and sister taught him how to be a stylist, because one day, his father would pass on the salon to him. He fell in love with holding scissors in his hands, cutting and styling hair. It was one of his true joys, other than playing with his pet cat, Haircut. His siblings would wonder though, why Edrienne would never cut his own hair, always leaving it to the length of covering his eyes. They tried countless times to make them shorter, but failed. He didn't want anyone trying to touch his hair.

In High School, there was a time when he was actually being made fun of as a male version of Sadako and always joked about him being able to curse people if touched. This made more people stay away from him out of fear. This made him actually stay as his introverted self even more, feeling hope of actually changing was already impossible. He moved from Korea with his parents after his father had been called into working there. The next two years of his life he stayed home schooled, and focused on being a beautician. After that, his father's friend told him about a special college his son could get into. By that time, his mother thought of this as a plan to finally make Edrienne leave their house. She immediately agreed to this plan, settling Edrienne alone in a apartment just nearby the place his father works, but is now far away from his family.

Additional Information:

- His cat, Haircut, got its name because the first time Edrienne gave someone a haircut was also the day his dad gave it to him.

- He's allergic to seafood.

- His love for manga started when his brother gave him one for his birthday.

- He absolutely hates it when people try to see his face, without considering his feelings.

- His dream is to be a famous Beautician like his dad was.

- He's gotten used to having bangs over his face, and can see clearly, so he can handle doing this with his bangs on his face.
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Kukiko-tan Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013
T-THAT PART WHEN HIS EYES WERE SHOWN MADE ME BLUSH :iconpapcryplz: -- hour'sbishonensalwaysmakemeblush////
I have bangs now too and they hurt my eyes so badly when I look up :iconrlytearplz: I have to cut them shorter....I-I just...know his pain :iconpapcryplz: somehow-
I've been doing a lot of informal letters tasks at english classes so here I goo...I should be pro at this already lmaoo--/hit
*le puts on british accent*
Dear Hour,
How have you been doing lately? I heard you had been accepted in the school of your dreams and I want to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart and I'm really happy for you.
I'm writing this letter in order to share you my appreciations regarding your art-skills improvement. Your coloring skills have reckoned a significant improvement concerning the coloring palette and shading, as well as your anatomy and clothing folds. As time passes, you get to be a better artist and I'm honored to be your friend!
I'm ashamed for my hiatus and sudden disappearing and I wish I got to talk you more often. Please write me A.S.A.P. !
With bro-hugs and luvluv,
Hourglass34 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

My bangs are long ahaha so I dunno how that feels yet U v U YET/slapped

-- bawww that's so sweet mang ;; v ;; --

Dear Kuki,

I'm absolutely great! I'm finally having Summer, after such a long and challenging journey through my last year of high school. Today's supposed to be prom day but I'm skipping it, haha! I also got to watch the student's orientation for the college I'm going to, so thank you! I haven't been drawing for a while, but I'm happy my style still stuck through with me. I really appreciate that you've seen the improvement I've been doing though I don't see it myself sometimes. I'm glad to have you as a friend as well, and I hope we can talk more with each other. You're a good listener and a fun person to talk to. ; v ;//

With all the kimochis,
Hour. <3
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