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November 26, 2013
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[Il Futuro] Dante Primo by Hourglass34 [Il Futuro] Dante Primo by Hourglass34

:iconsparklesplz: :iconil-futuro: :iconsparklesplz:

After a long time I have a new app, finally.

I don't know if I experimented or not because I was drawing at night I don't remember a single thing I got memory wiped. //BRICKED

Anyway, I hope to be able to post more art on dA soon ugh. o(-<

Also, I know that wall of text is pretty long, but I'd really like it if you read the whole thing. o7

General Information

[ Identification Card ]:


[ Identification Number ]:


[ Name ]:

Dante Primo Narducci

[ Nickname ]:

Dan, Danny, Primo

[ Age ]:

Twenty-Three ( 23 )

[ Date of Birth ]:

July 24 ( Leo )

[ Sex | Gender ]:


[ Hair Color ]:


[ Eye Color ]:

Steel Grey

[ Height ]:

5' 11 1/2"

[ Weight ]:

163 lbs. ( Medium / Average Build )

[ Nationality ]:


Mafia Information

[ Arcana ]:

Major Arcana

[ Card ]:

VII - Strength

[ Ability ]:

Enhanced / Prime Condition

This ability enables the user the power to be at the peak of physical and mental condition of their own species or race. This usually entails that they are stronger, faster, more intelligent, and more superior to other members without being obviously supernatural.

[ Ability Limitation ]:

The user can use the ability for a very long period of time, but entails large amount of fatigue, and when overdone, loses all his strength and energy. He will have no power to use the ability, and to regain the power to use it again, it will take the same amount of time he had used the ability to use it again.

[ Weapon of Choice ]:

Warrior Spiked Cobra Knives.

[ Reason for Joining ]:

Though he doesn't tell many about this, he wants to get back at the man that ruined most of his life, and take revenge on him for taking away his dream-- meeting his real parents properly.

Personal Information

[ Current Occupation ]:

Pizza Delivery Boy

[ Likes || Dislikes ]:

+ Pizza

+ Jackets, Hoodies, and Vests

+ The colour red

+ Sunny days

+ Windy days

+ Freedom

+ Piano

+ Music ( any genre )

+ Soccer

- Injuries

- Hard Candy

- Getting Angry

- Losing Regular Customers

- Seafood ( Boy's Allergic to them. )

- Being Irritated at the wrong time

[ Personality ]:

Dante is a naturally kind and caring character. He finds joy in giving others joy even in the smallest ways. He does look naive, but under his facade, he is a very calm and observant, noting even the smallest of details. Like any other person, he's also secretive and takes time to become more open. In other topics that do not involve his own personal life, like giving advice to others and simple conversations, he's very open about it. When a person becomes closer to Dante, he is more affectionate, from ruffling the head of others to giving them hugs, the more intimate the relationship, the more affectionate he becomes. He's also a glutton, due to how much energy he burns from his job, he ends up to eat more than he should, as if he had a bottomless stomach.

Though he does seem a bit of an airhead, he's also a very sharp thinker, and can cope with pressure given unto him. He doesn't get easily jealous, but he does easily get depressed when overcome by the daunting realities that are pressed on him. When he is unhappy, he copes with himself, pretending everything is fine, but inside he is actually beating himself up by reminiscing on wrongdoings or mistakes. He also can get aggressive and violent when angered to a big extent. He also gives up easily when there's nothing he can do about something, which makes him a bit of a wimp at times.

[ History ]:

Dante Primo, what a sweet sounding name.

The hardest part for any parent is to let their child go. For the Narducci family, they didn't even have the chance to know him right and watch him grow.

Dante Primo Narducci was born in Milan, Italy to a rich tycoon for a father and a beautiful pianist for a mother. The parents were overjoyed to have a son despite the fact that they were both already at their mid-forties. To have such a miracle at their age, they were brimming with happiness unimaginable. They planned his whole life through, and a very loved and fruitful one at that. Sadly, that joy was very short lived. Their family was being targeted by a mafia that ruled over Milan exclusively. The right hand man of Dante's father himself was one of the members of that same mafia, conspiring to kill the Narducci couple to maintain the company to partner with the mafia, giving the mafia group complete superiority in Milan. Unfortunately for the mafia, they learned that they had a child, which of course, makes him the legitimate heir to the company. Since the son would become a big hindrance in their work, they planned to kill the child first more than the couple themselves, hoping the death of their child would cause them to lose hope and be overcome with despair, giving the company away to them.

Due to the police and detectives in the area, they learned about this dilemma that the couple will face. They immediately had the chance to explain this all to the couple about the people involved in this and the plans they will put into action. Out of fear, the parents created a way to keep at least their child safe. The conventional way of hiding him and taking him immediately back didn't seem right because they expected the mafia group to still go after him, so they chose to give him away to another family. It was the most heartbreaking moment for them. They prepared themselves for the day they would, with endless mourning, but they knew it was for the best, and the month after, they gave him away to a family of low profile so he'd never be found. The couple was broken, but they had hope that he'd find them again from the photo he had given the family of the three of them together, though they ripped the parts of where their faces would be seen because they would be easily recognised by others, which would cause commotion. They hoped that he'd figure it out when he was an adult just so they'd see how much he's grown.

He grew up in a family of simple citizens from San Marino. He grew up in San Marino, Italy, to a family that owned a very simple Italian Pizza Parlor. His family was higher than the average, but lower than the high class. As a child, he was immediately inclined to musical talent. He had the same love for music as his mother, and in his early years was very involved in music as he grew up in his elementary years. He also had a spark interest for self-defence. One day his father was going home with him, and they were suddenly mugged by two gangsters. Of course, being young as he was, he wasn't strong enough, but seeing his foster father be hurt that way made him unhappy and chose to take lessons in self-defence and martial arts when he was young was well. The boy was intelligent as well, being very into many academic and extra-curricular activities, he made himself a busy body, and he was well productive as a result of it all.

At his high school age, he found himself in the loop of pressure. His high schoolmates were all parts of these gangs and they were smaller clusters of the main mafias. He didn't want to join, and he succeeded in the first two years of his high school avoiding such things, keeping on with his academics and extra curricular activities. His schoolmates that were involved in the mafia noticed this, seeing much potential in him being one of them. They had tried to convince him the first few times, but no avail. His morale and resistance was very high and it was formidable. Through this, even the higher ups took interest in him as well when they tried to use brute force on him, which failed due to him actually being a very capable opponent.

This is when they took it too far, for him to be able to give in. One day, as he was going home, he saw from a distance his family's parlour trashed, wasted, and his parents inside, looking like they had seen a ghost. It was the final threat that made him decide he'd join so that he'd leave his family alone. From his college years, as he took up BS Management ( Business Management ) as his course, it was not his own choice. It was chosen for him by the mafia. His parents worried for him dearly, but he couldn't do a thing about it. He didn't want his parents to suffer, so it was a deal done for both of them. He became a very diligent tool of the mafia. He regret many things he'd done, from killing the innocent, such as policemen, and taking money from others, becoming a hitman, he couldn't do anything about it. As the years passed though, he'd become accustomed to it, being able not to feel for them as much anymore.

Then the day he was the right hand man of the boss came, and the boss had told him of his magnificent plan. When he learned of the boy's existence, he remembered that baby, that child from long ago. Apparently, the mafia had moved to San Marino to evade the police over at Milan, and to rebuild themselves again, which is how he had most of the youth in his hands as his minions. The boss had told him about going back to Milan and taking over that same company-- the company of his real parents. Since he had taken up the course he did, and graduated with high honours, the boss told him that if they rule over the company, he shall be the one taking care of it, despite his rather young age of twenty-one (21). The boy, not knowing what he was getting himself into, agreed.

The day they finally break in the company, seeing the already sixty year old man, the woman no longer in sight, due to probably her passing. This was the day that changed his life. As they were ready to take care of the old man, the other mafia with him spoke Dante's name. Of course, the father always remembers. He looked up to his now twenty-one year old son with a smile, tears in his eyes.

My how you've grown.

Of course the young man couldn't understand at first, but after a moment, he remembered. The one day when his parents told him that they were just his foster parents, and that his real parents were out there, waiting for him to come back. This was it, this was the time he had finally met his father. Unfortunately, this was the word predicament to see him again. He didn't want to do this job, he wanted to keep him safe. He stopped for a moment to stop them from hurting his real father, but sadly the outcome was inevitable, his father getting slaughtered in the end.

The young man couldn't react whatsoever for a slight moment. His real father, dead cold on the floor, along with the mafia members he had with him. The blood that spilled on his hands from the rage he had inflicted on the members that came along with him. All he remembers that day was the feeling of regret and the need to change his life.

Enraged, he left the mafia, vowing never to come back, and if he ever had gotten the chance, he'd take the life of the mastermind of all this suffering that had come upon him, the boss of this mafia. Of course, the day most remembered about Dante's existence had come, and they all learned about him being the next heir of the company. He had chosen to tell the right hand man of his father who would take his place to take it for now, saying that he'll take over once he's become a more mature and better man. He was still connected to the company though, so he had inherited all that was his real family's. His real family's home, properties, everything, was now his. He didn't want others to know about this though, so he had kept his foster family's surname, Serano. He chose to work small, and became a pizza delivery boy for a well known pizza parlour, and now, two years later, he is still at this point, being a pizza delivery boy. One day as he had done one of his rounds delivering, he had ended up in a very luxurious house-- the don's house. After a very intriguing talk with the boss of Il Futuro, he thought of this as a chance to take vengeance on that mafia group that made him lose the chance of his life, planning to join the mafia to seek his goal, even if it does mean getting back into the thing he didn't want to get back to the most.


Dante was born into a rich family that owned a very successful company, and his family was overjoyed. Sadly, it was short lived due to the evil plans of a mafia group that ruled over Milan. Because of this the family had gone and given their child away to another family to keep him safe. He grew up well academically and practically in other skills, which made him a very well progressed child. In his high school life, the high school thugs that were mere underlings of the real mafia told the higher ups about him, making the mafia very interested in him. Dante was able to turn down their firsts attempts though. From persuasion, to brute force, nothing worked because he was a formidable opponent. The time he did give in though was when him and his foster parents's pizza parlor and home were trashed and brutally wrecked.

By the time he was college, he took up a business course, which was part of the higher ups's plan for him. By the time he had graduated, he had also become the right hand man of the mafia boss. The boss told him of his plan to rid of the owner of a company that they wanted to take over long ago. Unaware, he agreed to go assassinate this man. The day him and his real father meet is when he leaned that he was actually the son of this man, but in the end, the father was still killed because of his mafia members that came with him. Out of rage, he killed them all, and on that same day he chose to reset his life.

He left the mafia and made known of himself to the company, most of the company knowing that he was the real son of the old man who owned the company. He didn't take the offer to be the president at first though and let the trusted right hand man of the company take over until he was worthy of being able to take over. He was able to own all the assets of the family though, and that is where he had resided, though he still chose to live small and unknown by most by using his foster family's surname.

He chose to work as a pizza delivery boy for now, and one day met The Don by fate, though going back into something he decided not to, he joined his mafia, swearing he'd seek revenge on the man that ruined his life-- the boss of the former mafia he had been in.

[ Quote ]:

"Please order from us again! I'd love to meet you one more time."

[ Relationships ]:

None at the moment

[ Miscellaneous ]:

- He still plays piano often.

- Though he goes to a very small business as his job, he still helps out often his his real family's business.

- He lives in the Narducci estate in Milan, since he didn't want to trouble his foster parents any longer.

- Though in the mafia he goes by Narducci, outside of it, he chooses the use the surname Serano from his foster family.

- He's a bookworm at one point.

- He's easily won over when given a new jacket that he's always wanted.

- Has a pet cat and dog at his home so he doesn't feel so alone.

- He'd take over the company at the age of 30.

:iconil-futuro: *Mattyzilla

Character *Hourglass34

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